Kangaroo Island has weathered significant challenges in recent years. With resilience and determination, the island’s tourism industry is set to experience a remarkable rebirth. 

Southern Ocean Lodge is proud to be honoured as a symbol of this revival, attracting the attention and support of the South Australian government. During a recent visit to Southern Ocean Lodge, South Australian Premier Peter Malinauskas expressed his admiration for the island’s recovery and his commitment to further enhancing the region. This collaborative vision between Baillie Lodges, SA government, and the island community ignites a renewed sense of hope.

“Kangaroo Island is one of my absolute favourite places to visit, and it is bouncing back after a hard few years – harder than most,” stated the South Australian Premier during his visit to Southern Ocean Lodge. His heartfelt endorsement resonated with the island residents, all of which were affected in the horrific fires in some way. “Despite the hardships of bushfires and the ongoing impacts of the pandemic, Kangaroo Island’s community has emerged stronger than ever, standing united in their efforts to rebuild and flourish.”. The Premier’s admiration for the island’s resilience echoes the sentiments of many, inspiring confidence in Kangaroo Island’s future.