Have you ever wondered how bees make honey, and what it is that makes Kangaroo Island bees and their honey so special?

Peter Davis local apier and owner of Island Beehive offers ‘factory tours’ showing the harvesting process and tastings. In addition, Southern Ocean Lodge can arrange private field experiences into the “life of a beekeeper” to see the bees and their hives in action.

History: In the late 1800’s bees were brought to Kangaroo Island from the Italian province of Liguria, and an apiary was established in Penneshaw. Since then, no other breeds of bee have been introduced to Kangaroo Island. Because of the island’s isolation, all these honeybees are direct descendants of the first bees, which makes these bees pure Ligurian and quite unique. Ligurian bees are renowned for their gentle nature and productivity. These characteristics, and the purity of the strain, make them a valuable genetic pool for breeding purposes. Queen bees are regularly exported overseas. In recognition of this fact a bee sanctuary status was introduced prohibiting the importation of all bee products to the Island which ensures that these bees remains disease free.

To learn more, visit Island Beehive website.