Dining at Southern Ocean Lodge is an exclusively local affair, with a bounty of premium ingredients for the kitchen’s dynamic, produce-driven menus pairing with premium South Australian wines to create a real taste of Kangaroo Island. Driven by a commitment to provide a real ‘sense of place’ for guests, the Baillie Lodges’ Culinary Philosophy is to source local produce for its daily changing menu and is essential to the dining experience at Southern Ocean Lodge. Chef Asher Blackford and his team in the kitchen at Southern Ocean Lodge deliver a menu that connects guests with the locale and features the finest regional produce from the restaurant and the cellar to the in-suite bar.



Breakfast is a relaxed affair in the restaurant, guests take a table along the windows and witness the morning unfold along the sweep of coast stretching as far as the eye can see. A two-step menu includes help-yourself artisan cereals, pastries, fresh fruit and cured meats while an a la carte menu features hot breakfast items from the kitchen: think free range eggs and local bacon, or blueberry pancakes!

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After a morning filled with walks and wildlife, or simply spent relaxing with a book or with a treatment in the spa, appetites are up for lunch. A three course menu offers a choice of seasonal treats and is designed to be both light and satisfying, a perfectly planned ‘elegant sufficiency’. If the weather is fine and warm, guests can enjoy an alfresco lunch on the terrace overlooking the ocean; in cooler, moodier weather, it’s more fun to watch from inside!

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Dinner is served in the restaurant, as the light falls and the view turns inwards. The menu may be a four course selection with choice, so as guests create their own epicurean adventure at each meal, or the chef’s tasting menu, a carefully-crafted degustation combining the freshest seasonal flavours and leading guests on a gastronomic charter of the region’s finest produce.


Our Cellar

In keeping with the Baillie Lodges Culinary Philosophy, a diverse selection of Kangaroo Island and South Australian wines and beers has been hand-selected to pair with each seasonally changing menu. Alternatively, guests can choose their own bottle from the convivial open bar or help themselves from the walk-in cellar.

In-suite Bar

Open bar

Especially at sunset, guests gather around the Great Room’s open bar, which offers premium wines, craft beers and top shelf spirits, including Baillies 9 wild gin and the local honey liqueur. Staff are on-hand to assist with mixing a cocktail or making a suggestion, and sunset drinks are served each evening to allow guests to mingle and share the day’s discoveries.

Walk-in Cellar

Walk-in cellar

The generous at-home feel at Southern Ocean Lodge means guests are free to peruse the selection of premium South Australian wines on offer in the walk-in cellar, and choose whichever they like to take to the table. The cellar wines are chosen by Lodge Manager John Hird, with many only available at the state’s cellar doors. The experience is a virtual winery tour of South Australia, all in one glorious location.


In-suite bars

Every suite has a complimentary in-suite bar, which includes daily-replenished local treats, as well as South Australian loose leaf tea and an espresso coffee machine. Guests can relax after a day’s adventures with cheese, nougat or chocolates, as well as soft drinks, juice, wine and beer.

Our Chef

Southern Ocean Lodge Executive Chef Asher Blackford brings a passion for fresh seasonal produce as well as a drive to work with local producers to the kitchen and the dynamic, daily-changing menus, an approach that is essential to the Baillie Lodges dining experience.

Asher takes inspiration from his surroundings and brings the landscape to the plate in its appearance, taste, scents and emotions. A keen forager, Asher conceives dishes that recreate a precise natural location and the experience or memory attached to it, so that guests dining in the restaurant are reminded of the experiences of the day.

Asher’s particular food belief is around sustainability, both environmental and economic. He is a proponent of the local-and-wholefood philosophy of American author Michael Pollan, with his ‘you are what you eat eats’ look at the food chain. Having a close working relationship with Kangaroo Island’s producers feeds neatly into this approach, as does a dedication to using the whole of each product, from ‘nose to tail’ or ‘root to shoot’.

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A destination for all seasons

A year-round destination, Kangaroo Island has a climate as dynamic as its scenery – from season to season the island yields fresh perspectives.

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Unforgettable encounters

A personalised itinerary of guided adventures or 'signature experiences' is included in the tariff, allowing guests to encounter abundant wildlife in the island's ‘zoo without fences’.

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Our Luxury

A stay with Baillie Lodges is about the connection with the landscape, its culture and wildlife, a celebration of superb regional cuisine and luxurious lodgings to sink into at the end of the day.

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