Located a hop away from the South Australian mainland, Kangaroo Island is most celebrated for its pristine natural environment and abundant native wildlife. With more than a third of the island protected in 30 national conservation parks, ‘KI’ (as the locals call it) is renowned as Australia’s own Galapagos, making it a natural attraction for artists and photographers.

With a landscape as diverse as it is wild, photographers had the chance to capture breathtaking images of the islands rugged mallee scrub and beautiful Eucalyptus groves, stretches of farm pasture and rugged coastline, towering cliffs and stunning turquoise bays fringed by white sandy beaches. It’s an island of unparalleled wild beauty.

Likened to a ‘zoo without fences’, Kangaroo Island’s wildlife roams freely in its own micro-ecology, thanks to its isolation from the mainland. The island provides a rich, sustainable and protected habitat for a variety of animals and birds, with many species now endemic to KI.

In the first week of August 2019 Southern Ocean Lodge hosted the inaugural KI Photo Safari, a four-night interactive photographic expedition traversing the dramatic landscape. A group of just ten keen photographers captured KI’s remarkable wilderness alongside renowned travel photographer and Canon Master, Richard I’Anson.