Raptor Domain on Kangaroo Island is dedicated to the protection and conservation of birds and reptiles through rescue, rehabilitation, education and research. It's home to the only free flight Birds of Prey presentation in South Australia.

The thrilling encounter features several birds which were orphaned and subsequently hand-raised. These birds share a special bond with their trainers and now play an important role as ambassadors for their species.


Enjoy a private presentation meeting up to six birds of prey, like Jedda, the majestic Wedge-tailed Eagle and Casper the friendly Barn Owl as well as Banjo and Paterson, the laughing Kookaburras, among others. For those keen to get even closer and feel the birds’ strength, there’s option to put on a glove and hold an eagle or owl.

After the show, guests enjoy morning or afternoon tea at beautiful Bales Beach.

This bespoke experience includes return lodge transfers. Additional charges apply.